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Tyvek® Vehicle Covers:

Tests prove Tyvek® helps keep vehicles cool


Over an hour, the temperature rises from 84 to 88. It is a warm, pleasantly sunny day. But inside your vehicle, the temperature shoots up to 130! Hardly pleasant. You feel it the moment you get in. The stifling heat…a steering wheel that is too hot to touch…a scorching seat. But even worse is the damage it does to your vehicle. Over time, radiant heat from the sun can dry the dashboard and eventually cause it to crack. The sun's harsh rays can cause the vehicle's fabrics to fade and degrade. And, your vehicle's finish will eventually look faded and dull from constant exposure to ultraviolet rays. Help is here...














A study by DSET Laboratories shows with a vehicle cover made of DuPont™ Tyvek®, the temperature inside a vehicle remains nearly the same temperature as the outside, even after a vehicle has been baking in the sun all day. In fact, the VEHICLE COVER MADE OF TYVEK® WAS THE ONLY VEHICLE COVER TESTED THAT ALMOST COMPLETELY ELIMINATED HEAT BUILD-UP.

The study was conducted in Phoenix, Arizona over a two-day period. DSET tested six green Buick Skylarks, each with the same interior colors. On the first day all six vehicle were exposed to the sun without covers to ensure that one car didn't absorb more heat than another. The average temperature of the vehicles that day varied by only 3 degrees. On the second day, five vehicles were tested, each with a different cover, and one vehicle without a cover. The test ran from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The results: The cover made from Tyvek® never allowed the dashboard temperatures to rise more than 4 degrees above the outside air temperature, which at the highest point in the day was 104 degrees. With an Evolution 4 cover, however, the inside vehicle temperature rose more than twenty degrees above the outside temperature. And, with a Sentrex®, the inside vehicle temperature rose nearly 50 degrees above the outside temperature. The uncovered vehicle reached a high temperature of 188, more than 70 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.


In fact, the hottest temperatures reached in the vehicles covered with DuPont™ Tyvek® was an average 30 degrees less than the other covers tested.


The results of this testing clearly show the superior performance of vehicle covers made of Tyvek®. The unique structure of the fiber makes Tyvek® extremely strong, allowing it to provide excellent protection not only from the sun but also against other elements as well-from dust particles, tree sap and bird droppings to driving rains. In a recent test conducted by SGS US Testing Company Inc., Tyvek® held out nearly twice as much water as the other cover materials.

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